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The Naples Jewish Congregation is a synagogue in the Reform tradition and membership is open to all people of the Jewish faith, their spouses, and children.


Annual dues are $800 for a married couple or $460 for an individual.


For further information, please contact Shelley McCloskey and Marilyn Goldenberg using our membership chair contact form.

Make A Difference At NJC: Volunteer!

All of us made a decision to join NJC, with perhaps as many reasons as we have members.  Despite these myriad reasons, all of us at NJC have a unifying interest-- to see NJC not only thrive, but continue to grow.  We all want NJC to be a home for us , whether it be spiritual, social, or both. 

In order for NJC to thrive and grow, all of us have to try to contribute in some way other than financially.  Almost all religious organizations face the same challenge—the work of the many is actually done by the few.   It could be that most of us are simply unaware of the effort required to make NJC meaningful to you.

In addition to the Board of Directors, there are about 15 Standing Committees all of which are active behind the scenes to make NJC work for you.  These are: Membership, Publicity, Social, Ritual, Care Connection, Adult Enrichment, Newsletter, Sisterhood, Men’s Club, By-Laws, Ways & Means, Oneg Shabbat, Chanukah, Passover and Web Maven.  As you can readily see, there is quite a lot of work to do to simply meet the needs of our members.

What can you do to help?  All of you bring a skill set from your life both before and after retirement which can be tapped in some way to help in making NJC to be everything we want it to be.  To all of our members, we ask you to step up and volunteer to be on one of the Standing Committees or get involved in some small  capacity like signing up for one of the Onegs or helping with one of our many social functions.   This is one way that  you can make new connections at NJC.  You will also feel good because you are engaged and productive. 

It goes without saying that,  like someone recently said, we are “stronger together.”  If a few people do most of the work, then they often get burned out or disillusioned.  We should all try to share the load in order to lighten the load of those currently doing most of the work.  We have so many members who have so many talents that can be harnessed to enhance our NJC experience.  All that you have to do is contact Suzanne or any Board member to get started.

Shelley  McCloskey & Marilyn Goldenberg , Co-Chairs, Membership Committee-724-747-3359

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