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FDR, Trump, Craigslist and the Shabby State of the American Press

These are trying times for the American news media. Crippled financially by Craigslist, eBay and Google, berated day and night in presidential rants,

distrusted by the public, undermined on social media by Russian trolls and fake news sites, journalists  soldier on in depleted newsroom, still driven by the words of a Civil War newspaper editor who said, “It is the duty of the press to print the truth and raise hell.”

     Can any responsible news organizations survive this assault on the ecosystem of truth? NJC Member Mike Himowitz spent 44 years as a reporter and editor for newspapers, Web sites and radio. He’ll share his experiences, concerns and hopes for a New Normal on NJC Connects with a talk entitled “FDR, Donald Trump, Cragslist and the Shabby State of the American press. 

Tuesday, Aug. 11 at 2 p.m.

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us what happens as we age we age and how we respond to viruses. He’ll touch on what’s different about Covid-19 and whetheer a vaccine is likely to be useful if and when we get one. Bob will also give you a preview of his new bioterror thriller, The Invisible Threat.

Friday, August 21

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