Charles Flum, President

A Message From the President


Naples Jewish Congregation (NJC), The small temple with the big Heart, is expanding its in-person activities. First are the services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We invite the Jewish community to join us for worship. If you have never been to our High Holiday services, we invite you to come with no charge. If you have these services, before, the cost is $100 per person, which will be applied to your dues when you join NJC.

We are working on the details for our Chanukah party as well as our community seder. Flamingle will be kicking off a series of get-togethers, includinjg picnics and other activities  where we'll have fun and learn more about one another. Of course, services will be held throughout the year on Friday nights and once a month Satirday morning at the Unitarian Universalist Church (UU) on Napa Woods Way in Naples.

We are proud to have an erudite religious leader. Rabbi Howard Herman has put together a fascinating series of adult education sessopms. His six topics are: Jewish Music Thru the Ages as a Spiritual Tool;  You be the Judge – What Should a Jew do; Lessons Learned from the the Hassidic Tales;  Inspired Messengers: A Spotlight on Biblical Prophets; Dear Rabbi: I have a question, and Jewish Miracles.

The first adult Ed sessopm --about Jewish music -- will take place at 5 on October 21 at the UU, followed by a light supper ($5 fee) and regular services.

The topic of the education session? The debate about Jewish Music, a seemingly integral part of Jewish life for millennia. Even  before the Temple was built, music played a role in the spirituality of Jewish life.  Rabbi Herman will talk about what Jewish music is supposed to do and not do; why some people love i, and some people dislike it; the genre of Jewish music that is not attached to prayer; what is traditional Jewish music and what is not, and if we have time.  we will explore where Jewish music is going in the 21 st century and beyond. We will also spend time in this course looking at the role of “hazan” or “cantor” through through Jewish history.

If you"re interested in attending  our functions, or just  want to learn more about NJC, please contact  our president, Charles Flum (that's me),  at either 239-316-8611 or We will warmly welcome you to The Little Temple with a Big Heart.

Charles Flum, President