Charles Flum, President


A Message From the President


There are three names in Hebrew for synagogue: Beit Midrash (house of study), Beit Tefillah (house of prayer) and Beit Kenesset (house of assembly). NJC is all three if we all make it so. Let’s look at each of these in relation to our shul.


Beit Midrash (house of study). Currently, we have only one program for study, Rabbi Herman’s adult education. He works hard to find and prepare talks on interesting subjects. We hold these on Zoom now for two reason: to be safe and to make it easy to attend. How many and how often have you attended? I urge you to tune in and learn something new. According to research, one way to keep your brain from atrophying is to learn new information.


Beit Tefillah (house of prayer). We hold services to have a communal way of praying to God. Yes, we can pray by ourselves, but there is something comforting in praying the same prayers with other people. You can only do that by coming to services, now held in person at the UU.


Beit Kenesset (house of assembly). The first time we held an in-person service after being on Zoom for a while, many of us said how nice it was to see other people in the flesh. Humans are social animals. We need to shmooze with others. We need to be with others.


All this is my way of saying, "Come to services." You belong because you decided to belong and pay dues. Get the most out of your commitment. Come to services. Come to adult ed. Come to the various programs as we return to “normal”. Your Yiddish neshoma (Jewish soul) will thank you for feeding it.

Charles Flum, President