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Shofar Meditations

Meditation is a form of relaxation accomplished through a variety of modalities. It is often used as a form of relaxation and sometimes used as a mode of communication with the self or with a spiritual presence in the universe.


Over the past twenty years or so people have been using their sounds of the shofar for this purpose as well. Some people find the sounds moving, some find them contemplative while others find the sounds calling to them with a yearning of solemnity and connection to the soul. If you have never meditated, I will make the following suggestions for you.


Before you visit the following links, light a candle and focus on the flame for a few minutes. Turn the meditation on, close your eyes, relax, and listen.


Another way of doing this is to sit in a comfortable chair, put your feet up, turn the meditation on and close your eyes. As you sit there listening, make tight fists, slowly relax them and then shake out your hands, slowly taking in the sounds of the shofar. Either one can be a spiritual experience.

Shanah Tovah!

Rabbi Howard S. Herman DD

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